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It's finally that time of the weekend again! And this weekend is going to be a special one due to the hot summer weather despite our transition into fall. 

So if you want to enjoy in all it's Toronto glory one last time (hopefully not for the last time), then take advantage of your free time this weekend and check out all of the cool things that are happening in the city!

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Toronto will be flooded with A-listers over the next few months. From TIFF to JFL to a barrage of hot concerts and shows, Toronto's occupants will be even cooler than usual!

With all of these entertainers flocking to the city, it wouldn't be abnormal to run into celebrities on your morning Starbucks route or at a chic restaurant in Yorkville.

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It still feels like summer outside and we don't want this gorgeous weather to ever go away. Fall is approaching quicker and quicker (September 23rd, folks) and it's only a matter of time before the dreaded *hesitates* winter comes. Remember when it snowed last Halloween? That was absolutely terrible. So, you better make the most of this short fall by doing all these fun things with your significant other!

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