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If you've been wondering why Jennifer Lopez's social media went dark a few days ago, we now have our answer.

Twenty years after the release of her album This Is Me...Then, J.Lo announced she's releasing a new album This Is Me...Now and it has a special nod to her husband Ben Affleck.

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Bennifer is finally a reality! After a few decades, some broken marriages and one almost-wedding, Jennifer Lopez seems to have finally found happiness with her new husband Ben Affleck.

"Years ago, we had no idea the road ahead would mean navigating so many labyrinths and hold so many surprises, blessings and delights," she wrote in her newsletter after the wedding. She added that she's finally found happiness, and it's the "hard-earned kind that's all the sweeter for the journey that came before it."

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Jennifer Lopez waited two decades after their initial engagement in 2002 to finally marry Ben Affleck, so you can't blame her for wearing more than one wedding dress on her big day.

JLo and Affleck had a grand wedding ceremony for friends and family in Georgia on Saturday, and she just revealed a first look at the "dreamy" dresses she wore for the occasion.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially married, and it only took 20 years and a second engagement before they finally managed to tie the knot.

The couple got hitched in Las Vegas over the weekend and apparently kept it super low-key the whole way, according the bride's fan newsletter, OnTheJLo.

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Ben Affleck caught Jennifer Lopez completely by surprise when he proposed to her, according to the singer.

Lopez opened up about how Affleck popped the question in her On the JLo newsletter this week.

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