Finding the motivation to exercise in the same room where you do most of your chilling can feel impossible sometimes.

According to Toronto fitness trainer Celine Lolos, though, you can do a sweaty full-body workout in less time than it takes you to choose something to watch on Netflix.

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When you are looking for a fantastic and fun way to play in BC, you have to check out some of the best ziplines in the world. We've got lines that'll take you through old growth rainforests, down beautiful mountain slopes, over deep canyons, and even adventure parks, so no matter your adrenaline's desire, there is a zipline for you.

There are several ziplines all around the province. Each of them has their own unique flair to flying through the canopy. Each site is linked and is listed with the nearest major city so that it's easy to figure out where you want to go!

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This summer, don't get stuck in a rut constantly doing the same old things day in and day out. Netflix and chill is no longer acceptable and lets be real, it was never really that cool to begin with. So instead of boring each other to death, head out into the beautiful world of BC and discover the hair-raising, nail-biting, hearth-throbbing activities scattered throughout the province (don't worry, some are close to Vancouver).

These excursions will really get the blood pumping, and have the potential to build a strong, loving relationship as you and your special someone risk life and limb for the sake of utter pleasure and exhilaration.

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