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When you're uber-rich like members of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, you don't have to wait for an Uber; instead, you can hop on your private jet and take a minutes-long flight to the next city.

Kylie Jenner is coming under fire after a celebrity jet-tracking account revealed her flight history, which includes a 17-minute trip that would make most people blush.

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Kim Kardashian is calling it quits with Kanye West following weeks of uncertainty.

After nearly seven years of marriage, the TV star has officially filed for divorce and also made other requests regarding the couple's children.

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Kim Kardashian broke the internet late Monday night after posting a picture of her daughter North's painting, but some aren't convinced it's real. 

While some think it could be a fake, others who believe in the 7-year-old's artistic ability are now saying the painting put off some serious Bob Ross vibes.

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Alors que les deux soeurs du clan Kardash / Jenner sont les spécialistes quand vient le temps de faire parler d'elles, ce que j'ai découvert cette semaine m'a donné une grosse claque au visage: quelque chose qu'elles ne nous avaient pas dit. Les coquines. 

Pendant que tout le monde est occupé à essayer de deviner le sexe du bébé de KylieTopshop a lancé une collection de lingerie Kendall+Kylie sur son site internet et elle est tout simplement sublime. Pourtant, du côté des deux soeurs, aucun signe cette collabo, même pas sur leurs comptes Instagram respectifs. 

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It's no secret that the Kardashians love their makeup products. I mean, they practically invented contouring (don't come for me they made it popular ok at least admit that!) and start most of the makeup trends we know and love.

While they definitely are the reason for the contouring craze, their love for makeup doesn't stop at sculpting the face. They've got their staple products for every possible kind of makeup you could want to apply to your face, whether you need it or not! So choose your Kardashian/ Jenner and see which products they've recommended the most over the course of countless interviews over their beauty routines. 

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