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There's no question that cooking and eating Kraft Dinner is pretty integral to the Canadian identity, but a new TikTok suggests we've been cooking it all wrong this whole time.

Rather than follow the on-the-box cooking suggestions — so passé — TikTok user Nikki Gillespie has a gourmet version that blows all other KD recipes out of the (pasta) water.

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You've probably seen a lot of April Fool's Day jokes floating around and some are trolling Canadians so hard. While you might fall for them for a minute, they're pretty hilarious once you figure it out. 

Here are six Canadian pranks that you can laugh at. You might even end up wishing some of them were real.

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Chocolats, roses et mots doux sont des incontournables de la Saint-Valentin, mais on dirait bien qu'un petit nouveau tente de faire sa place. Eh oui, Kraft Dinner a réinventé son classique de macaroni au fromage orange fluo et lance maintenant une édition limitée complètement rose.

« Grâce au mariage de la couleur et de la saveur de la Saint-Valentin, teinté de notre goût fromagé unique, nous offrons aux Canadiens et aux Canadiennes une nouvelle façon de proclamer leur amour cette année, avec Bonbon KD », a déclaré Brian Neumann, chef de marque à Kraft Heinz, dans un communiqué.

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For what seems like forever, Kraft Dinner has claimed a spot among the most Canadian of dishes and was loved by so many people across the country. Or so we thought. 

Several recent social media posts have suggested, however, that Canadians have fallen out of love with this classic dish and now there is a new favourite on the block. To get to the bottom of this, I tried KD vs PC White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and this is my honest opinion. 

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That ones gotta hurt. Seth Rogen recently made a new vase that he was “pretty happy” with … but it didn’t take long for Kraft Dinner to come along and start making jokes!

On November 30, the Canadian actor and producer shared a video on Twitter, showcasing his latest pottery design.

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