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If you're a Lord Disick fan yourself, you're well aware of Scott's recent post-Kourt antics in and around France, LA, and his second home - Vegas. Dude's been on somewhat of a worrying, yet entertaining, spiral of debauchery, hook-ups, and many a Stella Artois on a balcony. 

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Over the past two years, it was hard not to read in the headlines that 27-year old Tyga was head-over-heels for 19-year old Kylie Jenner. They made appearances on red carpets, the small screen and each other's Instagrams on a regular basis throughout their relationship. The two began dating in 2015 and often went under heavy criticism for their notable age gap. Jenner was a mere 17-years old when the two first got together, causing tons of drama both on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the public/press. 

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If you clicked this, then you already know what's been going on with Rob and Blac Chyna over the past several days. She "cheated," he went on an Instagram/Twitter tirade that resulted in him releasing nudes of Chyna for the world to see. 

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