kelowna rcmp

A man's power wheelchair broke down on the side of the highway with oncoming traffic, and he was stuck there in the cold for three hours.

The man was stuck on January 31 in the evening, on Glenmore Drive in Kelowna, B.C. and luckily police found him.

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Two men were arrested for selling illegal drugs to teens in B.C., and they were offering an actual menu for them to choose from.

The RCMP said in a news release that there had been reports of a man selling magic mushrooms, cannabis and LSD to teenagers in Kelowna. The police investigated and found out that there were two suspects selling illegal drugs.

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A house in Kelowna was decorated with a confederate flag and hanging effigy for Halloween, prompting a police investigation.

A statement from the Kelowna RCMP said that two investigations have been launched after the display was spotted. One of the investigations is being run by the Kelowna RCMP and one by the City of Kelowna Bylaws team.

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