So many Timbits, so little time! Tim Hortons' Timbits are a Canadian staple but with a number of different flavours available, I found myself wondering which one is actually the best. 

One of the first things I learned in this taste test is that all Tim Hortons are not created equal and the variety of flavours offered at your local coffee shop may vary. That's why this ranking is missing flavours like Sour Cream Glazed or that powdered jelly-filled one. 

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Canada's biggest city or a very normal town? Eugene Levy just got super Canadian and dished about raising his family in Toronto in a recent interview with Faces Magazine

The famous Schitt's Creek actor got super candid and talked about his childhood, his acting start and, of course, his kids.

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Taking a snorkeling adventure in the waters surrounding Florida is an astounding adventure. There are so many treasures to discover hidden beneath the emerald waves and among the vast coral reefs. One Florida snorkeling tour will take you on an adventure to a hidden gem off the coast of the Keys, to a submerged statue of Christ himself.

He sits submerged among the reef of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, which sits off the coast of Key Largo.

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