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If you've been looking for something super fun to get up to this weekend, Vancouver's largest free music and arts festival will be roaring.

Khatsahlano is a bumping street party that will take up over 10 blocks in Kitsilano, B.C., on July 9 from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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This swimming pool in Vancouver, B.C. is not your average neighbourhood hangout spot.

It's actually the longest saltwater swimming pool in North America and gets filled up by the Pacific Ocean tides. You can swim long laps in the pool, right alongside the sea.

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This restaurant in Vancouver, B.C is right on the beach and you can watch the sun go down as you enjoy happy hour.

The restaurant is called Beach House, and it's located right by Dundarave Beach in West Vancouver. It's a great spot for romantic sunset views year-round, thanks to the closed-in patio.

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Vancouver, B.C. neighbourhoods were handed some personality traits, and a lot of them are super on point.

People were sharing what they thought each neighbourhood would be doing at a party if they were people, and it is hilarious.

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Most couples are guilty of being potatoes. I mean, what's better than cuddling with your bae on the couch, spending quality time with each other, and binge watching Stranger Things together? Tbh, nothing much.

But once in a while, every potato needs to get out. And so do you. But there are some quintessential potato activities that you can do with your boy/girlfriend that don't require too much effort.

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