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If you've been looking for new spots to try some mouth-watering Korean food, you're in luck.

Narcity asked one of Vancouver's top chefs, Alex Kim, to share all his favourite places that are serving up mouthwatering Korean food in Vancouver — when he's not enjoying a meal at the restaurant he works for.

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As much as you love summer, let's be honest, you'd way rather prefer a hefty, cheesy, noodle-y meal over a figure-maintaining protein shake from Glory Juice Co. I'm definitely sad to say goodbye to the sunny skies and warm weather, but am even more brimming with excitement to say hello to all the indulgent food to try in Vancouver this fall.

From cheesy French onion soup and chowder in bread bowls to juicy Korean fried chicken and spicy hot pot meals that could feed an army, I've never been more excited to announce this ultimate bucket list of comforting, fall-vibes inducing foods. Here we go!

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Gastown just got a little more hip with a new Korean restaurant that shows off a cool and modern look, but with a friendly and familiar taste.

Haru Korean Kitchen opened its doors just recently towards the end of 2016. It's interior is clean and simple, wooden tables with white seating, and their menu is bursting with homey traditional Korean heat and flavour.

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Lets all agree here that Korean food is one of the best. Kimchi, Bibimbap, Korean BBQ, Ddukbokkie, the list goes on and on. If you haven't tried Korean food before, your life is about to change. Get ready.

If you're looking to give your tastebuds a shock, try out one of these amazing restaurants. Korean dishes taste like nothing you've ever eaten before, and they're so flavourful. It's bound to become your new favourite food. So here are 9 best Korean restaurants that you must try in Ottawa.

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