COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the job market with hundreds of thousands of people still unemployed and looking for work. 

The Atlanta Division of Kroger could solve that problem for over 800 people ahead of this holiday season. 

Kroger is holding a one-day job fair on Saturday, November 7 in an effort to fill 863 positions at Kroger stores across the Atlanta Division for the holiday season. 

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Atlanta is home to several Krogers spread out across the city and each one of them has a stigma that has earned it a notorious name.

We picked 8 Atlanta Krogers with interesting epithets and dug into just how each one got its reputation and name. From Murder Kroger to Stinky Kroger, it's always something interesting. 

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After a long day of work, you may just want to kick back and grab a beer. But you know you have nothing to eat at home, and you're definitely going to have to pick up some groceries if you don't want to spend money on delivery again. Well, there's a new spot in the city that's going to solve all of your multi-tasking issues. Have you heard of Atlanta's new Kroger bar on The Beltline?

The famous "Murder Kroger" on Ponce De Leon Ave is back, but it's now been dubbed "Beltline Kroger." With the new name comes a new modern building, a variety of food kiosks and even a pub called Pub on Ponce Beer & Wine Bar. It features a walk-up bar that makes grabbing a drink super convenient.

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