kylie lip kit

It's only been one year since the launch of Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics, and the hype around her makeup is still very real. Makeup geeks everywhere are still picking up her lip kits, Kylighters and eyeshadow palettes.

She even just released her new Purple Kyshadow Palette, a revamped version of her vacation highlighters, and her Fall 2017 line of warm tone beige themed lip kits with names like "Pumpkin" and "Butternut". So in my opinion, seems like her Kylie empire is still going strong.

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Everyone who loves makeup has their holy grail favourites. No matter how much it costs or whatever anyone else says, you will always still go to your favourite product.

The only problem is, if your favourite makeup product costs $60 from Sephora, it can totally add up and you can often find yourself a little tight on money.

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You know the feeling when you walk into Sephora or Mac and all the vibrant colours just make your heart burst with happiness? Yup, that's me all the time.

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