lamport stadium

This morning, the Encampment Support Network Toronto (ESNTO) held a press conference outside Mayor John Tory's condo in support of "the 50+ encampment residents & defenders ticketed/charged for standing up against the City's brutal evictions," they said on Twitter.

On September 14, ESNTO invited their followers on Twitter to come down to Mayor Tory's condo on the morning of September 16. According to a news release issued on September 16, Toronto Police arrested three people.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Mayor Tory weighed in on the Toronto encampment evictions during a press conference on Wednesday, July 21, and defended the City's method for approaching the situation.

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The City of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service are clearing out yet another encampment in the city this week. Early on the morning of Wednesday, July 21, the City announced it had begun to enforce trespass notices that were issued at Lamport Stadium park on June 12.

But as TPS and other security officers marched in on foot and horseback towards the encampment, someone decided to blast the iconic theme song from Star Wars.

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