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Lors d'une entrevue avec Narcity, l'entrepreneur, ex-Dragon et auteur François Lambert s'est ouvert sur sa place en tant qu'homme d'affaires au Québec, sa fortune et l'impact qu'a eu son passage à Big Brother Célébrités.

Lors des treize semaines qu'il a passées à Big Brother, pendant lesquelles sa famille, son amoureuse ainsi que ses associés s'occupaient de ses entreprises, le finaliste affirmait qu'il n'avait pas besoin de gagner l'argent du prix.

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Swimsuit season is sooner than you think! 

Toronto's Bloor-Yorkville Icefest has officially opened for the weekend, and you'll be transported to destinations around the world as you explore the glistening trail. 

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One Toronto hospital is transforming its parking lot into a new hub that will fit more patients. 

Sunnybrook Hospital, located on Bayview Avenue, has officially set up its new Mobile Health Unit, which will provide room for 100 additional patients if needed. 

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Toronto just got hit with tons of snow and it's only now just starting to let up.

But while many Torontonians were bunkered up at home, some ventured out and braved the storm.

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For the second time this week, participants in a 'Canadians For Trump' rally have taken to the streets of downtown Toronto.

The rally, which started at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, took place outside the United States Consulate on University Avenue. A similar demonstration took place in the afternoon on Sunday, January 3.

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