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Travelling is not for the weak. Especially when there's so much to do when you're out in the world! Each part of the world offers an experience like none other.

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If you're running out of interesting things to do this summer, maybe it's time for another road trip. Instead of spending a barrel of money on accommodations in Banff or Jasper, or shopping in Calgary or Edmonton, why not spend the day checking out some of Alberta's craziest roadside attractions.

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Every city is defined by some sort of iconic landmarks. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben, New Jersey has the Statue of Liberty and Toronto has the CN Tower.

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Every girl/guy we swipe right (and left) to on Tinder has their own quirks. It's what makes us go on that first date or delete our Tinder profile entirely. So, what if some of Ottawa's landmarks set up their own online dating profile to show off their quirks and personality?

Here's what nine of them would look like if they had their own Tinder profiles:

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We see at least one Ottawa landmark on the daily and I'm sure at one point or another you stared into the eyes of one of them and saw yourself. Blame the stars.

Even if you don't believe in astrology, zodiac signs are there to provide some sort of guidance on your identity. There's a little bit of us in each Ottawa monument we see. It's hard to deny. Take a look for yourself.

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