The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: It's time to leave 2020 behind and look for the positives in 2021.

This new year is an opportunity to take a whole new perspective on who you want to be, and while it may be tempting to just grab your 2020 goals and update them (hello diet and exercise), this year is the perfect time to try something different.

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The U.S. House of Representatives adopted a new set of rules for the 117th Congress on Monday which ordered the use of gender-neutral terms in the House's official language.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced the proposal on Friday, which included the use of gender-inclusive language and prioritizing diversity efforts.

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If you've got an emergency in Toronto, you can get help in more languages than you probably thought existed.

Toronto is known worldwide as a multicultural city, but who knew there were 240 languages spoken within it?

If someone calls 911 and doesn't speak English or French, the operators have been trained to figure out enough about what language they probably need help with and can patch them through to someone, usually in under a minute.

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Depending on where you're from, you could have your own language and not even realize it. Texans are especially guilty of this and have fallen victim to stereotype after stereotype thanks to their unique Texan slang words and phrases.

If you're not from the Lone Star State, but plan on visiting or moving here at some point, you're going to need to understand a few basic terms and sayings before arriving. We've gathered a list of nine Texas slang phrases to help understand the southern accents you'll only hear in Texas.

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Residents of Toronto, particularly those of a younger generation, often indulge in the use of characteristic slang words and phrases. Such constitute an informal style of speech that is generally associated with the city.

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