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Eyelash extensions, while super bougie and glamorous, can be super expensive and tedious to maintain. You're not supposed to get them wet, or rub them and you also need to fill them on the regular to avoid looking like you're balding from the brows down.

While eyelash extensions offer an amazing "I-Woke-Up-Like-This" look, there are plenty of ways to keep your lashes looking amazing without draining your savings. 

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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that's true, then obviously you're gonna need some nice curtains - the curtains being your lashes.

Now, some of us are blessed with big, bold and beautiful lashes. While some of us well, aren't. We all have different needs and here we've found the best mascaras to target exactly what you want in a mascara. Whether it's length, definition, volume, or all of the above, there's a mascara for that. We've also found some budget-friendly mascaras as well as some for the days you're feeling boujee and you wanna splurge a little.

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Je fais partie des personnes qui ont succombé à la tendance des extensions de cils. Avant de découvrir cette miraculeuse invention, je pouvais passer une dizaine de minutes à essayer de recourber et allonger mes cils: mascara avec fibres, recourbe-cils manuels et chauffants, mascara deux couches blanches/noires, mascara ultra giga méga volume XXL... j'ai tout essayé. 

Étant une grande amatrice des extensions de cils, j'ai vu, comme tout le monde, la tendance du lash lift prendre de l'ampleur cette année.

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Every so often our favorite beauty brands release new exclusive products. Sometimes they can be a hit or miss. And we all know beauty products can cost an arm and a leg.

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Who doesn't want to wake up flawless with some photo-ready lashes that make you look like you already have makeup on?

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