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Recently, I found myself wondering, "What is Clubhouse?" after seeing a number of friends on social media hopping on the trend and downloading the new social networking app.

I'm a notorious late adopter. I was seriously late to the Instagram game and I didn't get TikTok until we were pretty deep into the pandemic. While I'm often late to the party, I do have a fair share of FOMO that gets me there eventually.

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Toronto's shutdown means movie theatres in the city are closed through the start of 2021, but there are still plenty of film sets that are open.

Both the province and the city keep up-to-date lists of what's filming in Toronto, which means you can keep track of which celebrities are coming to town to film.

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Thanks for your assistance, coffee! One student in Canada has paid tribute to his caffeinated late nights in the most iconic way ever — by taking a Tim Hortons graduation photo.

Sharing the extra-Canadian picture on his social media, Morgan Hillier explained that he “couldn’t have a Grad Photoshoot without Timmies.”  

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Grab your favourite sweater and a pumpkin spiced latte! Fall season is just around the corner and there’s no time like the present to start planning. If you’ve been dreaming of getaways in Canada, look no further because this country is jam-packed with stunning places to enjoy the golden season.

It’s almost autumn in Canada and that means one thing — foliage!

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With the fireworks taking place, Pride events just starting and the tons and tons of food fairs and night markets, it's impossible to keep track of all the events in Vancouver. Nobody likes forgetting or being unprepared for a huge event and the only thing worse than that is a bit of FOMO. 

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