latin clubs

To get over a rough week, sometimes all you need is a timeout and some quality time with your girlfriends. Deciding on a fun activity can be quite the challenge, but with an array of dance clubs and bars around the city, you can dance the night away.

Here is a list of places to go dancing to add a little kick to your ordinary girls night out!

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Photo cred - aucp-le blog

The great thing about living in Toronto is that there are so many cultures to see and explore. And what better way to get to know your Latin neighbour then collecting your crew  on Friday night and getting your spicy salsa on (I'm not talking the nacho kind). And if you try to pull that 'I can't dance' mumbo jumbo, there are plenty of beginners and most of the Latin clubs provide lessons before opening up the floor. Even if you mess up a couple of steps, you're still gonna have fun, and there is no going wrong with fun. Bailamos!

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