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Heat up one of Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar’s retro style TV dinners, break out the tray table and kick back in your recliner for the ultimate millennial dinner-time flashback. 

Each to-go tray is packed with an entree, a side, and dessert for the perfect filling meal without the hassle of cooking.

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With so many classy places to go to in Ottawa sometimes it can be a challenge hunting out places that require little to no effort. If you want to go out with your BFFs but you all don't feel like doing the whole getting ready thing then I am here to help you.

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What up lazy girls. I get you, you have an adventurous personality with plenty of goals but you're just too lazy to move. Being a girl trying to kick start her life is hard! As much as we want to have fun, we're all tired. 

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No matter what type of couple you are there is always something you can do in Ottawa to have a fun day. While in a relationship you guys either label yourself or you have been labeled as a specific type of couple. So whether you like it or not you two love birds already know what type you are.

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With all the ridiculous but amazing inflatable swimming floats you can get now, you need to take them out to float down the river! Seriously, just imagine them all floating down the water... it will be like a magical river full of rainbows and delicious foods.

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