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What a journey! The White House just shared a meme about Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden and it shows just how far the duo have come together. 

On February 24, a day after their first face-to-face meeting as leaders, the White House official Twitter page shared two photos of them together.

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On Monday, Justin Trudeau joined world leaders for the virtual One Planet Summit, a one-day event to inspire stronger action on climate change and biodiversity.

Although Canada’s PM promised $55 million to an initiative aimed at preventing degradation of land and protecting vital ecosystems, it seems teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is not impressed with the world leaders’ promises.

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What if you knew you could spend your summer working with the Prime Minister of Canada and be on a first-name basis?

If that sounds appealing, you're in luck! Justin Trudeau is on the hunt for young Canadians to join him in becoming the next leaders of our nation. 

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If you’ve ever wondered what a group of world leaders would discuss during a meeting, Canada’s PM has got you covered! Justin Trudeau just revealed what went on during this year’s G20 Leaders’ Summit.

Every year, leaders from countries around the world gather together to discuss policies, initiatives and their goals for the future.

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Justin Trudeau's G20 "family photo" pose really has him standing out from the other world leaders.

The Saudi G20 Presidency shared what is being called a "family photo" of the leaders ahead of the virtual summit that's been projected on the walls of a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Saudi Arabia's capital.

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