Some of the foods we grew up eating we don't even realize are "Canadian". Places you'd think have the same foods actually don't. The United States had a ban on Kinder Surprises and they also don't have Lays Ketchup Chips!

Obviously, foods like poutine are a given since it's everyone's fave and it seems crazy how nowhere else has it! Put your Canadian self to the test and see if you're a real patriotic foodie.

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Life is stressful. School, money, work, everything, it all adds up, but some jobs are less stressful than others. Things that make a job less stressful are little to no travel, being away from the public eye, and not having an immediate risk of death or harm.

Jobs that have been ranked as least stressful are bakers, barbers, crop farmers, models, medical technicians, tailors, dog walkers, parking lot attendants, security guards, door attendants, message therapists, fitness trainers, door to door sales workers, proofreaders, and crossing guards.

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