leger opinion

Wouldn’t it be nice to get something for free? One simple way to score a freebie or two is by completing some surveys. You can do it while waiting in line or taking a work break, and it can even be fun.

LEO, an online survey platform created by Leger (the largest Canadian-owned market research and analytics company), lets you share your thoughts on different products and services. Companies and organizations then use your answers to help improve their offerings.

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The holidays are finally here, which means it's time for cozy nights by the fire, snowy days, hot chocolate and festive cheer. Though exciting, the season can get expensive with all of the cooking, get-togethers and gift exchanges.

Luckily, you can earn rewards (and even win some cash) by voicing your anonymous opinion on loads of topics from how you like to spend your holidays to what you think of brands, services and products. The best part? It's completely online.

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Si tu as tendance à avoir une opinion sur tout, à donner ton point de vue à qui veut l'entendre et si tu aimes l'idée de pouvoir faire bouger les choses grâce à ton honnêteté sans filtre, sache que tu as l'opportunité de littéralement tirer profit de tes réflexions.

La plateforme canadienne de sondage en ligne LEO (Léger Opinion) offre des récompenses à celleux qui répondent à des enquêtes et expriment leurs opinions sincères, le tout de manière totalement anonyme.

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