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If you tend to be opinionated, often air your views to whoever will listen, and like the idea of creating real change with your honesty, there's an opportunity for you to literally cash in on your thoughts.

Canadian online survey platform LEO (Leger Opinion) offers rewards for answering surveys and voicing your candid opinion, completely anonymously. If you have something to say, LEO's survey platform lets you share your proverbial two cents on just about anything: from your most recent grocery store trip to how you'd rate the coffee you drank this morning.

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A new Leger survey has revealed how Canadians feel about Justin Trudeau and there's even a scorecard that breaks down the reasons that they may not be so satisfied.

When asked if they approve or disapprove of the job Trudeau has done since he came into office in 2015, respondents were pretty evenly split, with 48% saying they approve of the prime minister's job and 47% saying they disapprove.

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