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A Florida woman was so fed up with her boyfriend that she allegedly poisoned his drink to get him to shut up.

Police say Alvis Parrish, 54, poisoned boyfriend William Carter's lemonade with the psychotic drug Seroquel on December 7 in Jacksonville. Then she called the police herself.

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It is time to switch up your regular latte order. We gathered up the best secret Starbucks drinks that not only will give you a caffeine boost but are eye-catching, too.

There are so many thirst-quenching drinks going viral on TikTok. But you won't find any of them on the regular menu.

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You were not a child if your summers didn't consist of pink lemonade. That satisfying feeling you got when you got home from a long day of playing outdoors, and you took the first sour and refreshing sip. Mmmm. Being an adult is hard enough, and we need some reminders that we can still have fun like we did as kids. So pink lemonade + vodka + jello = fun. 

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Vancouver is an amazing city all year round. I mean, it's a short drive from Whistler which has some amazing ski hills that are essential come winter. And what about the budding blooms of spring. The colours of fall. But there’s one season that Vancouver lives and breathes for - and that’s summer. The city transforms into a playground of festivals, patios, and parties - but that’s not all there is to love about Vancity in the summer.

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