Robert Pattinson might be better a better actor than many are giving him credit for.

In a recent interview for the March issue of GQ magazine, the Twilight and Harry Potter actor admitted that he's been lying about himself in interviews for years, just to say "anything at all."

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For most of us single gals, we know how hard the dating game is in our 20's. Having to deal with ghosting, situationships, soft nexting, zombieing and the bunch of other terms that all just boil down to frustration and no real commitment, is no fun. But since we're social creatures who are meant to be loved, we know that hibernating in our rooms and watching Netflix forever just won't cut it (I mean you can only re-watch Making A Murderer so many times before it gets weird for everyone). So sometimes you need to put on your big girl panties and put yourself out there. 

READ ALSOWhy Benching Is The New Ghosting

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Photo cred - Chris Barker

We can deny it all we want but lying is a part of our daily lives. The first thing we do in the morning is lie to ourselves 'You can do it, you can get out of bed the first time your alarm rings' we say before hitting 'Snooze' 17 consecutive times.

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