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In honour of Prince Philip's life, Justin Trudeau has announced that the government is donating $200,000 to the Duke of Edinburgh's award for young Canadians. 

An official statement from the Prime Minister said, "the Duke of Edinburgh was a lifelong companion to our Queen and a dear friend to Canada. He was also a devoted public servant whose contributions changed countless lives around the world, especially those of young people."

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With ergonomic office chairs, standing desks and coffee machines to get through that video call fatigue, many people are starting to hit their stride working from home.

But while we may finally be starting to thrive in this new environment, efforts toward creating a comfortable home office can only go so far.

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If you've been asking yourself "when will COVID-19 end?" you are not alone. 

During a press conference on April 15, Quebec's premier, François Legault, said that the province will welcome back normal life by late June 2021. 

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While no one enjoys thinking about needing life insurance, it's never a bad idea to be prepared with a plan.

Dropdead Life Insurance is a new service for Canadians where you can get covered for life insurance in less than 15 minutes online. 

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If you’d like to live to be 82 years old, consider moving to Quebec! Life expectancy in Canada varies so much in every region and people born in some provinces actually live for years longer on average.

Narcity got in touch with Statistics Canada to find out which Canadian provinces have the longest life expectancy in Canada. While the most recent data (2019) doesn’t include P.E.I. or the three territories, it provides insight across the rest of the country.

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