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Nobody knows how their life is going to pan out. Maybe you'll win the lottery or you’ll change up careers — who knows, maybe you’ll be the most epic spinster the world has ever seen the likes of.

The uncertainty of life is equal parts thrilling and stressful, but getting insured can help you focus on the exciting parts. That said, it can be hard to know what you really need in a policy.

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Life comes from all angles, and everyone has been put to the test recently. Over the past year, working from home has made it easy for the hours to blend into one another.

On the other hand, as life starts picking up again for Canadians, daily routines might become a bit overwhelming. From morning traffic to working late nights, sometimes it's hard to set aside time to reflect.

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Whether you're fed up with unaffordable rent prices, tired of the fast-paced lifestyle or simply itching to try something new, there are many valid reasons for wanting to leave a big city.

And as the trend towards remote work continues with no sign of stopping, people are being given more choice and flexibility than ever before in deciding where they want to live.

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One Canadian city just ranked as one of the healthiest on the planet and another wasn't far behind! 

Vancouver cracked the top 10 list of cities in the world where people have an outstanding overall lifestyle, according to Lenstore U.K's Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report 2021.

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A lot of people think it's crazy when someone from a big city makes the decision to either go to school or move to a smaller city. But there are honestly so many benefits to living in a smaller city. For one, being able to walk pretty much anywhere in around 30 minutes is a saving grace! Plus the hustle and bustle of the city can be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people, so having a break from that is always refreshing.

Adjusting to life in Halifax isn't hard, but it sure is different. There are some things about this city that are just strange, but in the best way possible. The fact that people here celebrate Alexander Keith's birthday like they knew the guy personally is just one of the funniest, yet most admirable, things about the city. The East Coast lifestyle is truly one of a kind!

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