An awesome social media presence is super helpful for any business trying to grow their customer base in Halifax – and all it takes is a little creativity and the right filter.  A sweet Instagram feed or a hilarious twitter account can be bring thousands of new customers to your door looking to learn more about what your company does.

Here are fourteen Instagram accounts belonging to businesses throughout the HRM that have been consistently producing some really cool material.  You won’t regret following these carefully curated feeds, which document everything from clothes to coffee to dogs to ice cream.

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Whether you’re a professional Instagram model or more of a recreational user on the app, everyone is looking to get more followers and smash out those likes!  There’s more of a strategy to building your Instagram brand than one might think, but once you figure out a “flow” that works for you and begin building a decent audience, fame and fortune could be yours.

As your follower count grows into the thousands, brands will start blowing up your pager with promotional opportunities, and you can even charge them money to post on your page!  Take some pictures at the following locations and you’ll be well on your way to constructing an insta-empire.

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