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Election Day voting in Toronto appears to be in full throttle with long lineups being spotted across the city.

Voters across the 6ix took to Twitter on Monday morning to report on the lengthy wait times with some claiming they waited as long as 75 minutes to cast their ballot.

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It comes as no surprise that hordes of die-hard Canada's Wonderland fans and thrill-seekers have hit up the beloved amusement park this year. While everyone is undoubtedly ecstatic that Wonderland is open again, this year's reopening has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Since the amusement park reopened in early July, Wonderland stans have taken to social media to share their highs and lows to paint the experience for other prospective visitors.

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Dan Levy's beloved David Rose character on "Schitt's Creek" is an international treasure for more than just his style, of course, but also because every single shirt David wears has the power to make you exclaim, "I LOVE THAT SHIRT" followed by "WHERE CAN I GET IT" but then you realize that googling "sweatshirt with lines on it" might not work out, so you slump back into your chair, desparingly.

Well, despair no more — we have found David's shirts on the internet, in various locations. Consider this your treasure map to David Rose's closet.

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Early voting started in Georgia and the first few days at the polls were rough, to say the least. 

Tens of thousands of voters showed up to the polls on the first day of early voting and were met with crazy long lines. 

The turnout was record-breaking, but it came at a cost as some people waited up to 12 hours just to cast their ballot. 

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Early voting in Georgia started on Monday and thousands of people headed to the ballots. 

People were met with crazy long lines at early voting sites where people waited up to 12 hours to cast their votes. 

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