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So you decided on UVIC. Ryerson was too far and UBC is too close to Mom and Dad. You packed up your life in a pickup truck and paid a fortune to drive on that ferry to start your new life on the island.

After spending 4 years at UVIC I can say I'm stoked I made the decision to do my degree there. There is no campus more beautiful than UVIC in the Spring, (although it was best when there was still a flock of baby bunnies running towards you and your bag of mini carrots in the quad) and the quirky people that congregate at this destination school makes it all the more fun.

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Canadians take poutine VERY seriously, and lucky for us Toronto has stepped up their game in the past couple of years, bringing a handful of amazing establishments serving up the freshest cheese curds and hottest gravy out there.

It seems as though a few places in the city have put their own spin on this Canadian classic.  Some places are adding crispy bacon, fresh green onions, and even poached eggs!

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Torontonians love to dine out, so finding that perfect restaurant and atmosphere is essential to a fun night out! But no one wants to pay those marked up prices for a bottle of wine that you find for cheap at the local LCBO or Wine Rack.

What’s the solution? Hit up these 15 Toronto restaurants that allow you to bring in your own bottle of wine! Some charge a slight corkage fee, but there are a ton of specials and even specific days where these fees get waived!

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Let’s face it, the November weather in Toronto can put us in a dreadful slump. The Fall air is beginning to get extremely sharp, hitting you in the face when you least expect it. The pre-holiday advertisements are slightly obnoxious and is a constant reminder of how unprepared you are for the fast-approaching December.

If there is anything that we all need right now, is something new and exciting to keep us motivated this month. Forget the traditional places like spending time in a mall – because we all know you run inside the Eaton Centre to shelter yourself from the wind chill. Instead, take a different approach towards fun this month. Hit up these Toronto pop-up shops and events that will be in your neighbourhood this November to spice up your usual work week! Mark your calendars, because these places are only here for a limited time, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Calling all makeup junkies, do I have something you need to check out ASAP! Sephora is having a huge sale on some of their best-selling products. So if you’re in the hunt to replenish some of your go-to goodies, interested in trying something new, or already looking for some holiday gift ideas – this is for you!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Check it out for yourself, either online or in-store. But don’t wait, who knows how long your favourite shades will be in stock. Everything on this list can be found for under $20! So it's time to fill up that shopping cart, because nothing feels better than knowing you grabbed a fabulous deal.

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