Mark your calendars and grab your telescope! So many incredible dark sky events will be visible in Canada this spring and summer, including a “Super Blood Flower Moon.”

Ahead of the start of spring, a report from The Weather Network has revealed exactly what we should be looking for in the skies over the next few months.

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There are some delicious ways you can celebrate Lunar New Year from home, and you don't even need to spend the day cooking.

These restaurants are offering Toronto Lunar New Year food to go, so you can bring the festivities to your kitchen table.

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Of the four lunar and solar eclipses in 2021, Canada will be treated to three of them and the moon will actually turn red twice!

Here's a rundown of those celestial events that you can look forward to.

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Keep an eye on the sky because the November full moon will be happening over Canada at the same time as a lunar eclipse.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, the moon becomes full in the early morning hours on November 30 and at that time, Earth's natural satellite will be going through a penumbral lunar eclipse.

If you wake up early or stay up late, it will be visible for most of North America if the skies are clear.

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Stargazing enthusiasts will have a lot to look forward to in 2017. One event in particular that they will want to watch out for is the beautiful solar eclipse that will occur this summer.

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