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One of the most-searched women in the United States right now is Cassidy Hutchinson, the surprise witness who dropped some major bombshells about Donald Trump at Tuesday's January 6 hearing in Washington, D.C.

She testified that the president lunged for a steering wheel, grabbed at a guy's neck, threw a plate of ketchup against the wall and didn't seem to care if his MAGA supporters had guns on the day of the Capitol attack.

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A Republican lawmaker is getting absolutely torn apart by abortion-rights supporters on social media, after she slipped up and described the end of Roe v. Wade as a win for "white life."

Rep. Mary Miller, a Republican from Illinois, made the apparent mistake while speaking at a rally with former President Donald Trump this weekend. She was discussing the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to revoke the guaranteed right to an abortion, which came Friday thanks to votes from three Trump-appointed justices.

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The second impeachment of President Donald Trump is officially underway and House members did not hold back at the microphone.

Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer dug deep at the president during his speech, even changing the meaning of Trump's famed campaign slogan "MAGA," which normally stands for "Make American Great Again."

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