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Grab your shades and SPF-50 sunscreen because patio season has arrived! It's finally time to get outside, soak up that vitamin D and enjoy some sweet, summery treats.

This time of year is all about fun, relaxation and, most importantly, coming together with the people you love. And this summer, Cadillac Fairview (CF) has everything to make your patio-hangout dreams come true at CF Sherway Gardens.

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If Yonge Street is looking fresher these days, don't be surprised. A new outdoor art gallery is hanging above the Toronto Eaton Centre, and it was created by three students.

The careers of OCAD University student Daria Joyce, 20, and alum Jason Zante, 22, have taken flight this year after scoring massive billboards in the Eaton Centre's new art corridor exhibit.

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Saturday, April 3, marked the first day of Ontario's shutdown, but it doesn't seem like anyone told the shoppers at Yorkdale Mall.

In a viral video posted to Twitter on Saturday night, the shopping centre can be seen swarming with visitors seemingly not following physical distancing rules.

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Now that Le Chateau stores have closed all over Canada, another clothing brand is eyeing up the huge empty stores.

Boathouse — an Ontario-based clothing, footwear and accessories retailer — is expanding across the country and is seeking out spots that used to be owned by Le Chateau.

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A Toronto comedian has stolen the social media spotlight after demanding a movie theatre be built at Dufferin Mall.

The mall is undergoing new development, and concerned comedian/west-end citizen Mikey Kolberg's video to lobby his cause has received thousands of likes and a swell of Toronto support.

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