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As the summer comes to an end and the fall breeze begins to creep in, it might be time to check out some indoor attractions, especially when it'll be free.

Yes, you read that right — starting November 20, you'll be able to visit Toronto attractions for free, but there's a catch. You will have to dig through your wallet and find your Toronto Public Library card.

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Fall is finally here and that means pumpkin patches, sweater weather and of course, fall colours taking over Ontario's leaves are all ready to enjoy.

Ontario's fall season is filled with beauty, and the changing colour of the leaves is a rite of passage for the season as the forests shift from green to hues of gold, orange, yellow and red.

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The Coroners Service has released an interactive map that shows over 200 unsolved cases of Unidentified Human Remains in B.C.

The map pinpoints places where human remains have been found and shares information such as the sex, race, date found, hair colour, age estimate, and height estimate of the individuals.

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Of the four lunar and solar eclipses in 2021, Canada will be treated to three of them and the moon will actually turn red twice!

Here's a rundown of those celestial events that you can look forward to.

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If your relationship has exclusively consisted of watching Netflix together over the past year — as it has for pretty much all of us — why not try some romantic walks for Valentine's Day this year?

Use February 14 as your excuse to wrap up, get out of the house, and enjoy the quiet quarantine parks, streets, and trails to create some magical Valentine's day memories!

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