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If you've ever played around with Google Street View, you've probably been impressed by how accurately you can view places all across Canada and around the world.

In honour of the program's 15th birthday, Google shared a blog post on "some of the most Street Viewed images of Canadian landmarks that make us feel some kind of way."

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There are some pretty hilarious maps of Canada that divide the country in ways you might not expect, including by which provinces hate Toronto.

Someone posted the maps on Reddit and there are ones about drinking ages, where capitals are located, which places are "aware of Manitoba" and more.

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We've all lived (or dreamed) the nightmare of burning the turkey or forgetting the vegetables and putting Christmas dinner at risk. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of Toronto grocery stores open on Christmas Day in order to save you any holiday blushes.

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Un mauvais service à la clientèle est si vite arrivé, lorsque l’on visite un quelconque détaillant. Fin d’année oblige, le palmarès des entreprises ayant reçu le plus de plaintes au Québec en 2020 a été dévoilé. 

L’Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) du Québec a dénombré 21 533 plaintes entre le 25 novembre 2019 et le 24 novembre 2020, selon un bilan dont Narcity Québec a obtenu copie.

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Texas is home to many celebrities, and it should come as no surprise to find out they have insanely over-the-top homes.

With more and more big names making the move into Texas, the amount of magnificent real estate continues to grow.

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