Paris may be dreamy, and Rome wasn't built in a day, but Toronto still might be the better city.

Time Out released their list of the 53 best cities in the world in 2022, and Toronto beat out iconic cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Boston, Rome, Miami and more.

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Have you ever dreamt of sandy beaches, colourful spice markets, feasting on delicious flavourful couscous, getting lost in the Sahara Desert with your significant other, relaxing at a luxurious Moroccan hammam...okay, getting oddly specific for a dream, but you get the picture.

Morocco is an incredible place to discover. With culture bursting at it seams, you can't live your life and be happy without having travelled to Morocco once. The world of Morocco is absolutely magical and if don't know where to begin, this is what we're here for.

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Si tu as un compte Instagram et que tu suis quelques blogueurs voyage, tu as probablement vu à maintes reprises des photos de cet hôtel de rêve. 

Après avoir fait quelques recherches, on a réussi à trouver son emplacement dans le monde: le Maroc. 

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