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NASA will launch its Artemis I rocket to the moon, but not today.

The space agency's largest-ever rocket was sitting on the launch pad and about 40 minutes from takeoff when officials paused and ultimately scrubbed the launch Monday morning due to technical issues.

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If you want to see the rare sight of four planets in the sky lining up with each other, get ready because it's happening soon in Canada and you don't need a telescope!

Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will be in alignment when you look to the southeast during the early morning hours starting in the last week of April.

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A dust storm from the Sahara Desert is moving through Europe and making the sky look like a scene out of The Martian or Blade Runner 2049.

The massive orange-red dust cloud has been blowing westward across Europe this week, transforming the skies over Portugal, Spain, France and Switzerland as it makes its way north, towards the U.K.

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Sustainability advocate and influencer Emily Padan knows the hurdles people face when trying to live a more eco-friendly life.

“We often think, what difference does it make, I’m one person?” she told Narcity.

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There are NASA Mars mission jobs available right now and the hiring process is so intense that it could take up to 13 months to complete.

NASA is accepting applications to participate as the crew of a one-year CHAPEA mission that will start in Fall 2022. CHAPEA is a series of missions that will simulate year-long stays on Mars, including simulated spacewalks, crop growth, meal preparation, exercise and maintenance work, and the results could impact future NASA missions to the surface of Mars.

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