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Whether you've got some serious money in the bank or you love checking out jaw-dropping real estate listings, Myra Canyon Ranch & Kelowna Stables is a must-see. 

The stunning 12-acre property is currently on sale for $3,350,000 and it is a sight to behold. 

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How I Met Your Mother is a classic show that some people live by. You've learnt lessons from Ted on what not to do about love, you've definitely looked up to Marshall and Lilly as a couple, you know what the bro code is (even as a girl) and if you're Canadian, you know exactly how Robin feels about Canada. Even though we all secretly hated Ted, he was great at teaching us lessons about not settling for the wrong person even if you're desperate. Thanks, Ted.

This iconic show was set in New York City, which is a completely different atmosphere than Ottawa. Although the characters aren't exaggerated, and we've definitely met some Barney's in our days, what would it be like if HIMYM was set in Ottawa? They probably wouldn't survive, tbh. Except Robin, she knows what Canadian winters are like.

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