mass layoff

If you'd just been laid off by your employer, how would you feel if you saw your old boss crying about it on LinkedIn?

That's pretty much exactly what happened to some former employees at a tech startup called HyperSocial, where CEO Braden Wallake posted a photo of himself in tears after he let people go this week.

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The CEO of Klarna, a Swedish payments firm, may have just one-upped when it comes to announcing mass layoffs.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski announced this week that 700 employees or about 10% of the company's staff were being laid off — and he reportedly did it by sending out a pre-recorded video with the news.

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As if firing 900 people over a single Zoom call wasn’t bad enough, CEO Vishal Garg is now laying off more than three times that amount.

His mortgage lending company is reportedly laying off about 3,000 employees this week, or about one-third of its staff in the U.S. and India, according to the New York Times.

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