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masters of business administration

Having a high-paying, respectable job, that doesn't come with the dreaded "Monday morning feeling" sounds like something reserved for Hollywood movies and/or actual dreams. However, if you lay the foundations properly now, getting the best, most relevant qualifications, you may find that dream job quickly becoming a reality.

Ultimately, achieving those #careergoals comes down to hard work and perseverance. Find what you're good at, or what you enjoy doing, and learn everything there is to know about it. If you're the best in your field, who else are employers going to hire but you?

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Just like your favourite pair of jeans, there is one degree that is inherently relevant, can be used for any occasion, and goes with you everywhere supporting your dreams. I have a close relationship with my pants..err MBA degree.

Having done a part-time, thesis-driven, internship-required MBA myself, I can corroborate (#MBAbuzzword) that not all MBAs are created equally. Finding the right MBA for you can seem as impossible as finding that perfect pair of dream-achieving jeans. But it doesn't have to be.

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