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Representatives for Marcella Zoia — otherwise known as Chair Girl — are allegedly threatening legal action against the company behind the Infamous 6ix trading cards that have been popping up around Toronto.

Tim Matheson, the creator of the cards, told Narcity that a legal representative for Zoia wrote him a cease and desist letter which said that Zoia did not give permission for her likeness to be used and sold on the trading card.

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People have been finding trading cards on subways and on random notice boards around the downtown core with very specifically Toronto-style celebrities on them, and posting them on social media, wondering what it's all about.

They're called The Infamous 6ix, and so far, the group includes Chair Girl, the IKEA Monkey, and Chainsaw Guys. Is it a marketing ploy? Some ultimately disappointing corporate thing? The beginnings of a graphic novel?

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