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If you've ever felt guilty about getting two or three driving tickets in Toronto in a short amount of time, just know that it can always be worse.

Toronto Police arrested and charged a driver on Thursday, April 1, after 10 days of run-ins with the cops that resulted in an incredible 28 tickets.

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We're not sure what exactly is happening in this video of a Toronto dump truck and a Mini Cooper, but we're pretty sure it's not allowed.

And Toronto Police agree, seeing as they've reportedly charged the driver of the dump truck after an incident between the two vehicles took place on Tuesday, March 23.

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Police Constable Scott Matthews just spilled some juicy tea about Toronto's highest speed ticketed in 2020.

Cst. Matthews tweeted that the recipient of the ticket was a 19-year-old class G2 driver in a Mercedes going double the speed limit on the Gardiner Expressway.

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Shave the date! If you’ve never been a fan of Auston Matthews' moustache then you’re in luck. The Leafs star has promised to shave his fuzzy upper lip, but only if it’s for a good cause.

“Some of you love it, most of you hate it. And now, the fate of my moustache is in your hands,” Matthews shared in a video on Instagram.

The player says he will commit to shaving so long as he can raise $134,000 for Movember by the end of the month.

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So close but so different. With federal elections in Canada, it’s a very different process than the U.S. and one expert said they’ve been called on election night in the last 40 years. So, Canadians haven’t had to wait as long as their neighbours to find out who their leader will be.

Narcity spoke with Dave Matthews, the executive director of the Canadian Media Elections Consortium, about how federal elections in Canada compare to what’s been happening in the U.S.

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