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mattress in a box

Face it, at this point in your life, most of your belongings can fit in a car. Your furniture can be disassembled, clothes can be folded into perfect Japanese rolls (or not) and everything else can go in a box – except your mattress. Mattresses are the biggest, ugliest and clumsiest suckers to relocate.

Whether you’re moving across the city, you know that there is no glamour in moving a wobbly mattress anywhere. But thanks to the disruptive all-Canadian mattress company Poly Sleep, the embarrassing “all hands on deck” mattress shuffle has come to an end, and it’s affordable - now that’s innovation!

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Toronto is the city that never sleeps, but at the end of the day, we all still need to catch some Z's to keep us going.

Because sleep is the secret to success in this city, whether you're a student on the grind, or a Bay St boss, or a local hero in Kensington. No matter who you are, the desire for a good night's sleep is something that all of us Torontonians share in common.

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