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Oh your undergrad, that cheerful time in your life when you imagined yourself as a Chief Director of Corporate Strategy, a President Business Intelligence Analyst, or insert badass job title here. Now that you've finished school you're probably doing something vaguely related to your goal, and hoping to work your way up the corporate ladder!

But it doesn't have to be like that, there are tons of postings for great jobs here in Vancouver, and now that you have some work experience you can step up your game by getting your MBA to land something that better aligns with your life goals!

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Over recent years, Vancouver has become a bit of a hotbed for emerging industries such as software development and biotechnology. Along with its booming business sector, and a reputation for having a very high standard of living, Vancourverites are more interested than ever in achieving their academic goals, and thus increasing their chances at successful and lucrative careers.

Between collecting all the necessary entrance requirements, figuring out your GMAT scores, and getting through the seemingly endless application process, pursing an MBA program in today's extremely competitive market can be downright intimidating.

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