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I’ve been pretty open about my mental illness, partly it’s because I no longer give two shits about what people think of me - if they judge me then that is their issue. But the more important reason is the amount of support I’m able to reach by sharing my story with others. People often reach out to me, people I would have never expect to really talk to again past a casual “hbd” on facebook tell me how they’ve actually been suffering from a similar thing. People have told me how their sister/brother/aunt/cousin/best friend went through the same thing. People have messaged me saying that they have no idea what I may be going through, but they’ve been through their own issues too and want to send their support my way. Hearing something like that is what keeps me on my recovery journey, it reminds me that other people are going through the same thing as me. And with mental illness not only being, excuse my french, a stubborn mother fvcker, it’s extremely and undeniably isolating.

This sounds incredibly cheesy but it has been repeated over and over again for a good reason, the friends and people you meet while you’re recovering, the ones I’ve met and are still connecting with, become your family. When I was in inpatient I met some of the most strong people I know who became my best friends. The big “secret” that you’re trying to hide (ie. your mental illness that society makes you feel ashamed about), is suddenly all out on the table. There was no way I could walk into the eating disorder ward and be like, “oh hey guys, ya just here for a couple months for kicks, no eating related problems here.” Not a thing. And when all your shit is already exposed, you can really connect with people even deeper.

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Réservez déjà toutes vos amies pour le 18 et 19 avril, la première soirée pyjama géante à Montréal aura lieu à la Place des Arts rassemblant environ 300 participants!

Étant trop occupée avec l'école, le travail, le copain ou la vie en générale, c'est inévitable que l'on se retrouve avec peu de temps à passer avec nos amies. C'est l'évènement parfait pour se rattraper les filles! Ça me manque énormément les soirées où mes amies venaient chez moi et où on regardait des films de filles toute la soirée en faisant du gossip!

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