Recently, IKEA Canada Plant Balls were announced with the promise that they are perfect for meat lovers. 

The Swedish furniture company claims that this new vegetarian offering has the same taste and texture as the regular meatballs they are known for serving in their in-store restaurants. 

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The famous IKEA meatballs now have a plant-based option that's available in Canada.

As of March 1, you can get the new "plant ball" at locations across Canada if you're looking for a vegetarian alternative to the iconic Swedish meatball.

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Grabbing some delicious meatballs after shopping for a new dresser has never been easier, as IKEA Canada is now offering nationwide takeout.

The Swedish furniture giant announced that starting on November 9, all locations across the country would be offering Restaurant favourites on the go for the hungry shopper to take home.

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Look no further than Grana for the appetizer of your dreams. 

This Italian restaurant doesn't expect you to pick just one meatball as an app — you can get all 6 meatballs on their menu flight-style. 

TikToker foodies in Atlanta have been obsessed with the dish, posting pics and videos of pork, beef and veal meatballs, each with a different twist or topping. 

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