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It's not a secret that people in St. John's love a good meal  and who can blame them? With so many deadly restaurants in the city it's hard to pick just one favourite. Maybe you're a seafood lover, meat lover, plant lover or just a food lover, there is something out there for everyone. There's no shortage of spots to indulge in an amazing meal.

So grab your bib because your tastebuds are in for a real treat. We've rounded up the best restaurants in town. Classy or casual, Canadian or international, meat or veggie — we've got you covered. Be sure to include one of these fine restaurants on your bucket list for 2017 — if it's not already there.

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Everyone has their own food preferences whether it's based on personal choice, religious values or dietary restrictions. Some people just don't like meat, while others can't have any gluten.

It's important to become familiar with a person's diet before taking them out on a date. You should find out if they are limited to certain food before choosing a restaurant to eat at. Do you want to experience that awkward moment when you show up to a restaurant and find out there are barely any options for your date to eat?

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