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While the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will only face each other on February 2nd, Miami will seemingly be the sports hub of the world in the weeks leading up to the long-awaited big game. Next week, two of the biggest sports figures this generation has witnessed will be in town for a meet and greets and good times — Dennis Rodman and Ricky Williams.

The former Miami Dolphin and one of the NBA's greatest rebounders and defenders will be in Wynwood next week ahead of the big game.

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Photo cred - Jessica Lam

Give me mercy. Big Sean is coming to T.O! This is not a drill, I repeat THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It was recently announced he was going to be performing in Ottawa April 8th on the JCole tour, and people flipped their shiz. But all of us Torontonians were left dreading the five hour trip we would have to take to even get close to his sweet, sweet sound.

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