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Making new friends in Toronto can be intimidating, whether you're a newcomer or not. Between busy schedules and cross-town commutes, it can be challenging to meet people even in Canada’s biggest city.

But it's not impossible. Torontonians may seem intimidating, but really, they're typically friendly and eager to socialize — you just need to go to the right places. Picking a fun activity will help ease you out of your comfort zone and into the bustling Toronto community.

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Dating in a big city like Toronto can be difficult. Where do people even meet one another nowadays? No one is looking for their future husband/wife when they go to the club. And no one wants to say they met their significant other through an online dating site either. But with young, millennials what other options are there? We are all so focused on how we appear on Instagram and going out every Friday night that little time is left to find and pursue romantic relationships.

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There are 2.5 million people in Toronto, and sometimes all you need is one. Okay, enough with being cheesy, but the truth of the matter is that meeting new people in a big city like Toronto can be surprisingly tough. Making friends while intoxicated and in class doesn't always suffice. So I've come up with some different ways to meet your new BFF in the beautiful city of Toronto.

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